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My name is Denis and this website is home to my work as a photographer and filmmaker. Deep appreciation for crafting still images caught me by surprise and has not let up since the beginning of 2015 as I continued to experiment with longtime passion for filmmaking.

From a very young age I took to video editing and exploring how films are made, ultimately noting how anything in life can be viewed in cinematic form. All of the current work I produce rests under the project name "leminutiae" - a combination of my last name, which identifies me in a literal sense, and "minutiae," a word that is used to describe the little aspects or details of things. The impact of all creative work rests on details that may alone be overlooked, but when combined or juxtaposed can be very powerful - to this I dedicate my work.

If you like the photos you see, please do not hesitate to reach out to me to book, purchase prints, collaborate or say hello :)